Weather forecasters and numerous city officials in states along the east coast have been touting that the winter blizzard Juno could be potentially historic, as the worst storm to hit the Northeast in years. While heavy nor’easter storms like these are known to cause disruptions with power outages and halted traffic, the Red Cross is advising people to follow winter weather advisory’s and warnings to keep warm and safe in your household.

While the storm is underway it is important to have many of the following items just in case the weather happens to knock out the electricity, heat or telephone service.

  • Fully charged cell phones and connected devices
  • Non-perishable energy foods that do not need refrigeration like canned products and packaged items
  • Manual can opener
  • Several bottles of water
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Heating fuel
  • Matches and candles
  • Smoke detector and fire extinguisher
  • First-aid supplies
  • Portable radio
  • Extra blankets and warm clothing
  • and finally even books, puzzles, games and magazines ( simply to keep occupied)

Many states are bracing for as much as 2 feet of snow as the snow accumulation peaks from Monday night through Tuesday. It is best to avoid all travel, as it would be very hazardous in blizzard conditions. If you do go outside, take it slow, tiny steps to avoid falling and try to wear rubber-soled boots with a strong, grip tread.

Remember to keep pets inside during freezing and inclement conditions and if you see any signs of abuse alert authorities. Call 911 if there is any sighting of a down power line or smell of gas, as emergency personnel will liaise with the power supply vendor. Extreme weather usually increases the risk of fires so if you are using a space heater –which is the second leading cause of home fires – the Red Cross urges you to keep all flammable materials such as clothing, bedding and rugs at least three feet away, make sure the room is ventilated and never leave it on unattended. Finally, never use your oven or a cooking range to heat your home.

We hope you and your family stays warm and safe throughout this storm predicted for the history books. Call our office at (617) 208 2100 after all the storm for all your real estate needs – we also specialize in snow removal!

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