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Real Estate Organization

The Property Managers at NextGen Realty offer unrivaled administrative services to ensure that your Boston apartments and properties are running smooth.

Property Management Services:

Administrative Services for Boston Properties

Boston Administrative Services

Leasing and Sales Records

The property management team assigned to your Boston property will maintain and organize all important records and files related to your property. They can keep any receipts, paperwork from contractors, vendors, board members, or any other important files.

Property Notifications

At your request, your Boston property managers can create and distribute newsletters regarding all of the latest news and information regarding your Boston apartment or property. These newsletters can be distributed to you and all other owners or board members involved with your property.

Condo Association and Stakeholder Meetings

Your property managers can organize, plan, and attend all regular or special Board of Directors meetings and yearly meetings.


At NextGen, we pride ourselves on our great communication with our clients. Our property managers will follow up on all of your calls and requests within 24 hours, and will make sure to work around your schedule so that any and all issues or concerns about your Boston property are handled properly.


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