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Financing Your Boston Home

One of the biggest questions when buying a Boston home is how much it’s going to cost. The first step for any home buyer is to get pre-approved for a home lone, but beyond that, it can be helpful to have an idea of what you’re monthly mortgage payments will look like going forward.

You can get an estimate of your monthly payments with NextGen Realty’s Boston Mortgage Calculator. By using the key factors of your home sale – including sales price, down payment percentage, loan term, and more – the Mortgage Calculator can generate an estimate of what your monthly payments will look like on your new Boston home.

Use the Mortgage Calculator below to learn your payment rate today!

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Boston Real Estate Mortgage Rate Financing

Required Finance Documents:


Keep these items in mind when applying for a mortgage.

This list is just an example and will vary by situation.

  • Rental property of all types
  • Two (2) most recent pay check stubs
  • W-2 for the last two years
  • If self-employed, tax returns for last 2 years with profit and loss statement for the current year
  • Last three month bank statements for both checking and saving bank accounts (copies of all pages)
  • Most recent statement of 401-K, 403B, IRA or other retirement plans
  • Copy of sales contract including all addendum
  • Copy of Earnest Money Deposit check (front and back)
  • Listing and selling agent telephone and fax numbers
  • Closing attorney or title company who will handle the closing for both parties (buyers and sellers)
  • Copy of lease agreement on rental properties (if applicable)

Get Pre-Approved

Finding out your financing options is an the essential first step to buying a home. By getting pre-approved for a home loan you can save time by looking at the right homes, gain confidence in your ability to afford your pruchase, increase you bargaining and negotiating power and most times enjoy a faster closing period.

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