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Real Estate Supervision

To ensure that your Boston real estate is in the best hands, NextGen Realty will assign a dedicated property management team to support your property with all of the attention and care that it needs.

Property Management Services:

Dedicated & Experienced Team

Boston Property Supervisory Services

On Call Emergency Service

Our property management teams offer round the clock emergency maintenance services to make sure that your Boston property is covered 24 hours a day.

Managing Issues with Tenants

Managing problematic tenants can be a huge headache. That’s why NextGen’s property management teams work as an active go between for you and your tenants. They can follow up with tenants who are late in their rent payments to ensure that you are paid, and can help you deal with any other delinquency issues.

Contractor Network

Your property management team can connect you to great contracting services throughout the city of Boston for any and all upgrades or repairs you may want to pursue.Property maintenance is extremely important in protecting the condition and value of your Boston real estate. In New England, where the winter’s are rough and the weather can be unpredictable, having a reliable maintenance service is essential in keeping your property running smooth.


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