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Legislative & Legal Compliance

NextGen Realty stays up to date with all of the latest Federal, State and Local real estate and property laws. We work to ensure that we are always in compliance with all property management laws and regulations so that your Boston apartments and properties are in line with the last Boston real estate laws and codes.

Property Management Services:

Helping You Navigate Real Estate Compliance

Boston Real Estate Legal Compliance

Massachusetts Laws and Regulations

Staying in compliance with the latest real estate laws covers a range of different things. Some Massachusetts property laws are there to keep your property in a baseline condition, others certify that your smoke alarms or septic systems are working. All in all, most Massachusetts real estate laws are there to ensure that your property meets basic standard of living requirements.

Minimize Risk

By helping you stay in compliance with all necessary necessary real estate laws, NextGen Realty can help you avoid being penalized or fined. Additionally, keeping up with these laws will help keep your property in great condition to impress and attract potential tenants.


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