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Boston is one of the most dynamic and high-demand rental markets in the country. So, why do some landlords struggle to move rental property, or end up listing apartments for well below market rent? At NextGen Realty, we have answers to those hard questions. We posses serious real estate experience and utilize powerful technology to help landlords beyond the limitations of other companies. And we’ve spent nearly a decade and a half harnessing our real estate expertise and pioneering large-scale technology platforms to benefit Boston landlords like you. We focus on your property as if it were our property. Know that we are landlords ourselves with local expertise and knowledge of how to get the most out of your investment.

Our latest solution is our Roommate Matching Database. Most units in Boston aren’t studios or one-bedrooms, but larger apartments with room for upwards of eight tenants. Many landlords get frustrated playing roommate matchmaker and having to sublets on short notice. Sometimes an existing group of your tenants just fall apart and you are left scrambling to help because not helping can cost you more in the end. But with the right team, you can make what would appear as a huge problem, work to your advantage! When you list Boston rooms for rent, rather than apartments in the traditional manner, you can often make 10 to 30% more, and our Roommate Matching Database lets you do it with barely any effort. We have the power to list your property in more ways than any other company. We can figure out the best way to get you the highest rate or return.

Tell us about your Boston rental property and our algorithm will search the Roommate Profiles of apartment hunters who are in our database. We’ll send your listing to potential tenants who match with your listing based on lease length (from sublet to long-term), neighborhood, rent price, amenities, and more. We won’t stop matching your listings of Boston rooms for rent with potential tenants until your vacancies are full. If you need to fill a whole apartment, we’ll match and pool tenants who are more likely get along great as tenants and stay longer. We are experts at bringing groups together. We have the scale and big pool of candidates for you.

We are excellent apartment and roommate matchmakers so If you need to fill just one empty room in an apartment tenants share, we can find someone who your preexisting tenants will love. And, if you need to fill in vacancy gaps with short-term sublets on a quick turnaround – perhaps to kill time until the next peak rental cycle – we can help. We have a proven track record of filling vacancies within one week!

NextGen Realty utilizes the largest and most dynamic rental marketing platform in the Greater Boston area. When your listing enters our database, it has the potential to be posted to more than 80 local, search-optimized websites that get the highest web traffic of any comparable, Boston-area sites. It also has the potential to be posted automatically to Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, and many other major national listing platforms. And, we’ll broadcast your listings strategically through our social media channels. In short, with just a few clicks, any of the listings you send to us will be syndicated to nearly every digital platform that supports your listing type. We have built the software and teamwork to give you the edge unlike no other. List Boston rooms for Rent with NextGen Realty to step up your marketing game and increase your revenue as well as saving time!

While you’re at it, talk to one of the licensed real estate agents in our professional network. They can propose money-making strategies you haven’t even considered. When it comes time to prepare move-in paperwork, they can help you. They’ll hook you up with high-quality pictures and videos of your property, so your listing looks pristine. Perhaps most importantly, if you need a frank, data-informed conversation to rethink your listing game plan, minimize vacancies, and make more cash, they can help. Maybe you need to adjust your lease length or listing price. Don’t blindly guess when you have the latest data to drive your decision making and put more money in your pocket!

NextGen Realty and our professional network of real estate agents are here to make your job easier and your bank account more robust. Get started now by filling out the form below!

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