Home Improvement Projects with the Best Return on Investment — For under $3,000

As a homeowner, it is natural to want to show your property some TLC. Upkeep and improvement, after all, is the key to getting a good price when you decide to sell! But before you dive in, you want to do your research. Here are some suggestions from Next Gen Realty of home improvement projects with the best return on investment for your house in Boston!

Replace two doors in particular

Most real estate experts agree that replacing the front door brings homeowners one of the best returns on investment possible. It improves curb appeal so noticeably. And since we use the front door every day, it gets worn out quickly. So, replacing your front door pays off. This project costs about $2,000 and should return 75% of that cost when you sell.

You should also consider replacing your garage door. It sounds like a bigger project, but typically only sets you back around $2,300. And, it pays big. A new garage door should fetch you an 87% return of its cost at resale. Consider a door with lots of windows, or a carriage-style door. Both are very popular and stand a good chance of making your home look even lovelier to prospective buyers.

Update your insulation

It is not the most glamorous remodeling project. But here in New England, with our hot summers and cold winters, it pays off. People look for energy efficient homes, and real estate agents know it. So, this project tends to return about 95% of its original cost at resale. That is 95% of an original cost of just about $2,100. Plus, new insulation will save you money in the time before you sell on your energy costs.

Refinish the hardwood floors

People just love hardwood floors. So shiny and classic! They are a timeless style choice. And maintaining them is a smart investment. Refinishing your hardwood floors can cost between $1,500 and $3,000 and can fetch the same amount at resale – a 100% return on investment.