Happy Halloween from NextGen Realty Boston Real Estate Office

Happy Halloween from NextGen Realty!

Halloween is just a few days away and we are wishing you a safe and fun time with friends and family. Neighborhoods in metro Boston are preparing to be flooded with young trick-or-treaters and crowds dressed up for festivities. The Boston Centers for Youth & Families and the Boston Police Department have some tips about how you can stay safe over the weekend. Continue reading Halloween Safety Tips and Boston Event Calendar

Boston Buyers Real Estate Inventory Shortage

Advice for home buyers facing the inventory shortage in the Boston real estate market

If you’re planning on moving to the city of Boston or the metro areas surrounding towns, you might be faced with a very difficult task in locating a property that is not being pursued by other buyers on the market. The inventory shortage in the most desirable areas of Boston from Back Bay to Jamaica Plain is driven by hungry buyers who are trying to locate a home within a reasonable price, so even putting in an offer can prove to be a challenge. For that reason, taking the time to discuss all your available options with a real estate professional at NextGen Realty should be your top priority before you begin.

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Green Home Energy Savings

Tips on Going Green to Save Green

The average American house has an annual utility bill of about $2100. Whether you own your own home, or own one or several rental properties, going green can save on average 30% on that annual cost. Some simple to moderate changes made to your home can drastically reduce the amount of energy you waste, and therefore eliminating the dollars you literally and figuratively burn up or flush down the drain. Homeowners should think of these upgrades as investments instead of expenses. Indeed, most of the energy-saving measures suggested in this article offer a better rate of return than the stock market has in recent years!

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Winterization Tips to Save Money and Time

Winterization Tips to Save Energy and Time

The days are growing shorter and getting colder. Face it, winter is fast approaching. The harsh cold and wet of winter can wreck havoc on your home if you are not properly prepared. The autumn months provide a great time to winterize your home before Old Man Winter causes hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure winter does not suck the warmth from your home and the money from your bank account…

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