Green Home Energy Savings

Tips on Going Green to Save Green

The average American house has an annual utility bill of about $2100. Whether you own your own home, or own one or several rental properties, going green can save on average 30% on that annual cost. Some simple to moderate changes made to your home can drastically reduce the amount of energy you waste, and therefore eliminating the dollars you literally and figuratively burn up or flush down the drain. Homeowners should think of these upgrades as investments instead of expenses. Indeed, most of the energy-saving measures suggested in this article offer a better rate of return than the stock market has in recent years!

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Winterization Tips to Save Money and Time

Winterization Tips to Save Energy and Time

The days are growing shorter and getting colder. Face it, winter is fast approaching. The harsh cold and wet of winter can wreck havoc on your home if you are not properly prepared. The autumn months provide a great time to winterize your home before Old Man Winter causes hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure winter does not suck the warmth from your home and the money from your bank account…

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BRA Dvelopment Projects

Newly Approved Development Projects Aim To Add Over 850 Residences To The City

Boston Redevelopment Authority has recently approved several major developments around Boston. These developments include the 52-story residential tower at Copley Place, a 283-unit apartment complex in Jamaica Plain, and an 11 –story office building in the South End. Harvard plans to expand into Allston were also approved. Continue reading BRA Approves Three Major Development Projects

Allston Vacancy Rate Fall 2013

Allston Vacancy Rate is 0.7% in November 2013

After careful analysis of the rental listings provided by, it was found that the Allston Vacancy rate stands at 0.7%. Of the over 6300 listings in Allston, 49 are currently available for rent. Luxury listings were purposefully omitted for the purposes of this study.

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