Credit And Home Ownership | Boston Homes for Sale

Not performing a credit check is one of the most common mistakes first time home buyers make. Your credit score plays a very important role when buying a house, because it determines what loan you receive, and if you are even approved for a loan at all. The last thing you want is to find out that you have a low credit score while you’re sitting in a lender’s office, or after you’ve found the perfect home. There are several ways your credit score comes into play when buying a home, and several ways to improve your credit score if needed.

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5 Tips to Ensure You Receive Your Full Security Deposit

Everyone hopes to get their security deposit back when they move out of any apartment. Renters usually take time to clean an apartment and thoroughly check a property before moving out. Unfortunately, many landlords may still find reasons to withhold a portion or all of a security deposit once they review the property. No matter how much you trust your landlord, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions while living in a rental unit. To protect you and your money, consider the following tips to ensure you receive your full security deposit:

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Boston Massachusetts Blizzard Juno 2015 Storm

Weather forecasters and numerous city officials in states along the east coast have been touting that the winter blizzard Juno could be potentially historic, as the worst storm to hit the Northeast in years. While heavy nor’easter storms like these are known to cause disruptions with power outages and halted traffic, the Red Cross is advising people to follow winter weather advisory’s and warnings to keep warm and safe in your household.

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